The Powerful Healer- Part 1- Mornings, Gratitude, and the Seven Directions Prayer

Healers all look very different.  A mother is surely a healer.  A doctor.  An Acupuncturist.  A friend who is there in time of need.  Then there are different kinds of healers.

I am a medicine keeper.  I had four readings yesterday at the same time.  Two lovely couples drove two and three hours, respectively, to see me.  In my work, I delve into the minds and bodies of those that come to visit me.  I see illnesses, bruises, cancerous cells, heartbreak.  I fall backwards into the past and see violence and abuse and the reason the illnesses came. I delve into the future to see where the path is leading so any words of wisdom that come through me (as opposed to from me) are one with sound guidance for the person’s Divine path.  I see their children, their children’s children, joy, fear, their life.

One reading is tiring, four is exhausting, but I have learned how to manage the strength of the spirit and body.  I want to share with you this week on Dancing With Feathers ways to maintain a delighted spirit, a calm emotional state, a strong physical state, and a powerful healing ethic.


Today, let us start at the beginning.  The morning.  Starting a powerful morning routine.  I will tell you right now, I am far from perfect.  But I catch myself.  What is the first thing you think of in the morning?  The past few days, for me, the first thing on my mind has been upsetting news stories from social media.  I do not watch the news.  But it seems I am getting plenty of one sided- meant to upset- news from social media.  Why was I on social media so much the past few days?  or weeks?  I have no idea but whatever they do to keep people zombie scrolling is both brilliant and disturbing.  I must limit my social media, news, and electronics use.  I must.  Because the first thing I want to think of in the morning is how big the sky is.  How the first sunrays look dancing off the dead tree shadowed behind the chicken coop.  The birds flying past the window.  Do you think of work?  To-do lists?  Let us begin our mornings when we wake up with gratitude.

Gratitude- As you first wake up, start naming off everything you are thankful for.  For a new day.  For a job.  For your spouse.  For your dog.  For cool mornings.  For coffee.  For strength.  For life.

Now, don’t run to check your phone or computer yet.  No emails.  No texts.  No voicemails.  I have something for you to begin doing that will change your outlook and your day.  Prayer.  This is a Seven Directions Prayer.  The smoke takes your prayers to the Creator.


Prayer- Take any heat proof bowl, shell, cast iron, etc. and place herbs in the bowl.  This morning I simply lit a stick of Palo Santo.  You could use a root of Osha (Yonah or Bear root).  Or use loose herbs.  Cedar or Juniper are beloved to the spirits.  Noji (Pine and other conifers) is special medicine.  Tobacco is beloved by Creator.  You can purchase a packet of loose American Spirit tobacco and use just a pinch.  A bit of dried sweet grass, lavender, or roses adds positivity to the day.  Sage (Adowehi) is a delightful prayer herb that dispels negativity.  The herbs work better together.  We (Cherokee) use sage, cedar, sweet grass, and tobacco together as a prayer.  Other tribes are very similar.  In our Celtic background the herbs are very similar as well.

Using a long lighter, light the herbs and face east.

East is the way of the Creator.  Father Sun who warms us and helps us live.  Our future generations are in the east.  We honor their spirits as well.  Whisper prayers.  Turn to the south.

South is the way of plant medicines and childlike wonder.  The animal, tree, and plant spirits reside there.  The plants and trees give us medicine and the animals give us guidance.  Whisper prayers to those spirits.  Now turn to the west.

West is the way of the ancestors.  We honor all of our friends and family that have crossed over and thank them for their time with us on earth and their continued guidance.  All of our ancestors help us navigate our days.   Utter prayers to them.  Now face north.

North is the way of wisdom.  All of the things that happened to us/are happening to us give us insight and lessons to be the healers we are today.  North is the way of water and cleansing and renewal.  What do you need?  Now face east again.

Lift the smoke to the sky.  Father sky, all the of the universes, stars, galaxies, everything beyond, we honor.

To the Earth we give our gratitude and love and ask her to whisper to us during the day ways we can show respect to her.

Now in front of you- as the smoke rises in front of your face- this is the place of community, Grandfather fire represents the community,  Whisper your prayers for friends, family, yourself, your community, and beyond.  Smudge yourself off with the smoke (we will learn that this week if you haven’t done so before) and smile at the sun.  Amen.  Amehah.  Blessed Be.

That is the Seven Directions Prayer and it is very powerful for your day.  To show honor and gratitude, to call in helpers in each realm, to show up for the morning, this sets the tone for your day.

Next we will talk about protections.  Have a beautiful day!


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    This week on Dancing With Feathers, I will be writing about different ways each day to regain and maintain good direction, peace, and joy in your daily life. If you are a healer, these are ways to really get strong and balanced.


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