Creating a Vision Board

It might look like just a few poster boards, glue sticks, and piles of magazines.  But there is power in deciding, creating, drawing out for the universe, and manifesting what you want your life to look like.  To take that power back!  To not let society or past notions dictate your day to day.

My beautiful cousin creating.

My friends and I started a group of like-minded women and we meet once a month.  This month for the new moon and beginning of the year we got together to create vision boards.  Tina put out a spread of vegan cheeses, delicious dips, and crackers and Elizabeth brought sparkling apple cider.  Everyone pitched in bringing glue sticks, scissors, markers, and magazines.  We all found spots on tables or on the floor and began to create.  A silence descended for awhile as everyone thought about what they wanted.

New beginnings for Elizabeth.

That is difficult when faced with a blank board.  What is it that you truly want?  This is an important question because you will manifest what you apply to that board.  Be sure it rings true for yourself.  Make sure it is your truth.  Your calling.  Your desire.

Tori used powerful words to create.

In studies that I have read, nearly 100% of the desires set forth on a vision board come to be.  That is powerful.  We have the power to create the life we desire.  When you are open to living the life that holds space for you, you open space to help others through your joy and blessings.

The perfect life for Vanessa.

Most of the boards were similar.  We all desire security, love, a divine calling, adventure, grounding, and health.  What will yours look like?

My husband jokingly made one when he came to pick me up. Good thing I created enough for both of us!


6 thoughts on “Creating a Vision Board

  1. Love this! When I was in high school I nailed about 8 big cardboard-like ceiling tiles to one wall in my room and made the entire wall into a vision board of maps and dreams and ideas that I could pin up with thumbtacks. It made such a huge difference in calling me toward the life I wanted to live!


  2. Reblogged this on Farmgirl School and commented:

    I am so grateful for all of you lovely readers. This is my other blog, Dancing With Feathers. I would like to invite you to sign up to follow it if you are so inclined. It is where I write about my spiritual work and on all things heart centered and encouraging. This was yesterday’s post. My friends and I had so much fun creating these profound boards! Have an amazing day, Friends!


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