The Making of a Medicine Woman


It took writing this beautiful book to see just how incredible my life has been thus far.  The teachers, mentors, friends, experiences, adventures, ups, downs, and great love and compassion that has ensued because of it all.

People visit me for ceremony.  For healing.  For plant medicine. For soul retrieval.

Not things one plans to do when they grow up when writing down what they want to be in kindergarten.  So I am lucky in that way.  That every door opened or closed in synchronicity and now I sit on a lovely covered porch watching the birds frolic in my gardens and I speak to the loveliest people, offering guidance or prophesy.  So unusual.

I sometimes read decorating magazines or lifestyle magazines and wonder what that might be like to lead a “normal” life of cocktails and beach houses and a regular job.  Of course a hundred years ago, what I do would be considered a normal job.  The job of a shaman.  A medicine person.  A wise woman.

Oh, but I have so much more to learn.  Barely scratching the surface of the magical world that is reality outside of media and propagated news and perceptions of how things should be.  I watch the hawks fly overhead and listen to the morning glories laughing in the glorious dawn.

You can find my new book on Amazon by clicking HERE.

The Making of a Medicine Woman follows the extraordinary life of an herbalist and modern medicine keeper. As a child, the author tried to understand why she could see and know things that others could not. The bewildered child led a lonely youth befriended by wild animals and elders. Through tragedies and desperate attempts to be normal, the medical intuitive is gently guided by Native American elders, Celtic shamans, and the enchanting world of spirits and nature until she is finally able to accept her destiny as well as the power and gifts within and step into her role as a Medicine Woman.

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