Raising Children and What Kindness Really Looks Like

Society speaks a lot about kindness.  To society, charity is kindness.  But in order to heal the communal spirit of our lands and ourselves and our people, we must start with kindness towards our youth.

Facebook memes alight social media with ideas that have been hardwired into us.  And the whispers of faulty lessons get passed down from generation to generation.  If the coach is tough on the kids then they will be employable as adults.  Letting kids learn to be tough and be bullied is a part of growing up.  Spanking children makes well behaved youth.  You aren’t their friend, you’re their parent.

Inevitably our children enter adulthood with feelings of self doubt, self esteem issues, and the intricately woven idea that the loudest, meanest, strongest, most violent, harshest adult wins.

Think about it for a moment, how do adults get ahead in the work force?  Ruthlessness.  How do we deal with seeing something wrong?  Anger and daydreams of retaliation.  How do we speak to people that we feel aren’t towing the line?  With insensitivity and rudeness.

What if coaches spoke light and encouragement to youth no matter how good a player was?  What if when our children hated school because they were being bullied, we took them out of school and taught them ourselves and surrounded them with kids that were their friends?  Children do not have to feel cruelty to grow up into sensible, strong adults.  In fact, wouldn’t a child that was loved and accepted be a stronger force in our communities?  What if you were a friend to your child?  They would grow up trusting others and knowing their worth.  Children aren’t stupid.  They don’t need to be hit, ridiculed, or belittled in order to be incredible adults.

Imagine what our next generations could do in our world for peace if they were raised with empathy and real love?  Imagine how much crime would drop.  Imagine how people would relate to each other.

Replace the idea that yelling, hitting, and the idea that rude and hurtful words and actions make kids better members of society with the idea that children who are encouraged, free to be themselves, and who purposely spend time with others that value their worth and love them will be our strongest society members.

Compassion is our most powerful gift for raising the children and young people in our villages.  And since we are all children at heart, these ideals should extend to everyone we meet.

Every moment, choose kindness.

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