The Essence of Everything

He had asked for ceremony to help rid him of alcohol spirits.  The circle of tobacco was set.  The medicine staff, the tobacco water, everything was in place to create healing and magic.  He sat down and I handed him a crow wing to hold.  “My spirit animal,” he remarked.  When people hold feathers they hear messages.  He closed his eyes as the smoke from the cedar rose up around us and the prayers began.  He would recall that inside of him felt like a vortex, a swirling mass of light that changed colors through the ceremony.  For twenty-five minutes I watched as his body began to physically move in a circle as the spirits came out and descended into the earth.  My assistant saw what looked like the heat of asphalt rising between us.  With his eyes still closed in deep trance I placed my hand eight inches or so in front of his heart and began to manipulate his breathing.  I moved my hand up and down as I took deep breaths until his breathing had normalized.

How was I able to do that?

Because we are all so interconnected that he is I and I am he.  The molecules, minerals, makeup, water, we are all essences of each other and indeed each other.  That is why Intuitives can hear thoughts from others.  It is why we feel when something is happening with a loved one.  We are each other.

We are the fecund, moist earth after rainfall in the woods, and the inhaling, exhaling of Grandmother ocean.  We are the wolf that traverses over the leaves between trees and the cat that lounges in the sun.  We are the fire in the ceremony and the wind from the south.  We are the same as a blade of grass or a flying eagle.  It is how medicine people are able to shape shift.  We are all so interconnected that we are they and they are we and we are one.

2 thoughts on “The Essence of Everything

  1. Beautiful written. It is time for all all to once again find that connectedness. It will save outbound Earth and ourselves ♥️


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