The Heartbeat of the Drum

Do you hear it?  The heartbeat of the drum.  The heartbeat is ours.  The heartbeat is the Earth’s.  We are made of the same things of earth.  The same ratio of water.  The same elements.  When the earth is sick, we are sick.  We need to reset.

We busy ourselves to the point of frenzy, for dishes done and jobs complete.  For boredom or family or busy mind, we do not rest to breathe.  How do we restore breath?  Listen to the drum.

We poison the earth with chemicals and trash, we use her resources till there are none and we think it is the norm.  We poison our bodies with pesticides, medications, fast food, and use our resources until there are none.  We all must rest.

Listen.  Cross two things off your to-do list right now.  Rethink the meal.  Nourish.  Unplug the electronics.  Put down the phone.  Drink water and lemon.  Pick up trash when you see it.  And sit with her now.  She will reset you.  Your breath matches the ocean waves that ebb and flow.  The wind that swirls and exhilarates.  The rain, the heat, the minerals, inside and all around you.  We are all interconnected.

If you have a drum, play it for a few minutes and feel your heartbeat normalize.  Feel your breath come.  Your joy rise.  Your spirit awaken.  Feel yourself heal.  Feel the earth beneath you heal.  Listen to a soundtrack of drums.  Close your eyes and go on a journey.  The indigenous people all knew that drums heal.  The gentle heartbeat of the earth.  And of us.

Go ahead now, my loves, and feel the earth beneath your feet.  Look at the colors around you.  Hear the birds and the wind.  Feel the air.  Speak to the plants and the trees.  Slow your pace to that of the beat of the earth.



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