The Medicine of Rose

I could hear the ocean waves gently crashing in the distance.  I laid there with my eyes closed listening to the ocean.  I could hear the singing bowls and bells.  I was having a reiki session done two years ago in San Diego.  Vibrant visions of masses of different colored rose bushes appeared in my mind.  You need roses.  I heard the ardent whisper.

I lifted my arms up to my sides with my elbows bent and my palms up.  I had no control over my limbs.  I was emanating the goddess, Lakshmi.  I saw her statue recently and recognized her posture.  She is the goddess of prosperity.

The multitudes of roses are blooming in riotous splendor today.  The home we prayed for has many old rose bushes.  Prosperity in flowers.

Roses are a notable folk remedy.  When added to extracts of St. John’s Wort and borage, roses assist in healing depression.  When made into a salve with calendula and arnica, the roses create a luscious cream for skin conditions.  Perhaps the rose’s most powerful medicine is in its ability to heal the spirit.

Should one wander along a path and see a rose, and then bend down to smell its glorious scent, one will find that the exhale of worries follows.  One cannot be upset in the moment of smelling a densely scented rose.  A rose made into a tea holds the plant spirits of love.  Love for oneself.  Love for all others.  Love for Creation and the heart swells with love and gratitude and the spirit of the rose infuses into the spirit as beauty and balm and medicine and from us then comes great compassion.  Sacred medicine.


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